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Showtime Lacrosse

Safety Netting

Safety Netting

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Lacrosse Safety Netting: More than one practice going on at your athletic field? No more worries or dodging by other practicing sports activities or spectators. Keep the other coaches happy with a turf safe Lacrosse Safety Netting System. The Lacrosse Safety Netting System will keep those stray balls from going where they shouldn't. You have more time playing and less time chasing. The Lacrosse Safety Netting System will not hinder will allow safe, field round, spectator view-ability. It can also be used in part if "end zone" coverage only is needed.

Your insurance company will be happy to see your school or club utilizing this safety measure to insure that no accidental injuries occur. This system is not a permanent fixture, it is movable and storable. It can be used in different configurations. It can also be used for field sports other than lacrosse. Use it for your field hockey or soccer teams.

Field Safety Systems - For keeping your sport activities contained to the playing field and out of area's you need to protect.


  • Adjustable Uprights 6' - 10' Poles.
  • Patented recoil springs.
  • Adjustable height settings.
  • Collapsible design.
  • Easily setup, taken down, and stored.
  • Save time - Save Money.
  • Each size includes 12ft net.

Please email for shipping on all Field Netting Systems.

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